Old Salt

Old Salt is a collective of musicians from the USA, Belgium, Sweden, and Scotland who pull their influences from down in New Orleans to the Appalachia Mountains up into the folk revival of the North Eastern States and jumping the pond to the many sounds from Old Europe. They successfully mix session with stage and street to bring a folk sound with grit, dynamic, spontaneity and improvisation. Their first album, 'Up River Overseas,' combines original songs by Dan Wall, as well as traditional tunes arranged by the band. The album was recorded in the north of Sweden in a live band room to ensure that the recordings would maintain a genuine reflection of their live performance. 

Dan Wall (US) - lead vocals, banjo, violin                                         Johannes Wannyn (B) - guitar, vocals     Lotte Remme (B)- violin, vocals              Lara Rosseel (B)- bass, vocals                Dave Barfoot (VS)- percussion       Anton Teljebäk (SE) - 5-string viola

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